Kadaga Tours The New Parliamentary Chambers Currently Under Construction by Roko

Speaker Kadaga Tours The New Parliamentary Chambers Currently Under Construction by Roko

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The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has tasked ROKO Construction which is constructing the new chambers of Parliament to start working day and night if they are to complete the construction in the remaining period of one year.

Parliament is concerned that the nine-floor building with 600 sitting capacity is behind schedule with only four floors yet it has to be completed by July 2021.

Speaker Kadaga touring the new Parliamentary Chambers currently under construction

Roko Con­struc­tion Lim­ited was awarded a contract to construct the new chambers of parliament to have  600 seats in the bid to address the current congestion in original chambers.

The construction was meant to last for three years, but three years down the road the construction is progressing at a snail speed with only four floors finished which is a 32% completion rate. The parliamentary commission led by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga today visited the site and was disappointed with the slow pace of the contractor who also gave contradictory information on the completion rate.

Kadaga tasked ROKO to start working 24 hours and beef up manpower to be able to complete the work by 27th July 2021.

She emphasized that the contractor has an obligation to hand over the completed building in July next year without fail as the contract provides.

Andy Sonnet, the contracts manager of ROKO constructions attributed the delay to the changes that Parliament did in the contract to expand the sitting capacity from the original plan of 500 to 600. This stalled activities as the contractor had to change the plan which took time plus acquisition of extra land to facilitate expansion. However, the contractor is convinced that he will be able to hand over the building in the stipulated time frame.

The state of art new parliamentary chambers will house 600 MPs, committee rooms, office spaces, and a Museum.


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