Speaker Kadaga -Receives Petition To Remove Symbols and Colonial Relics

Speaker Kadaga -Receives Petition To Remove Symbols, Colonial Relics

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The Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga today received a petition calling for the removal of symbols, street names, colonial relics, and the renaming of streets in Kampala and other landmarks of Uganda.

Led by the chief petitioner, Apollo N. Makubuya, the petitioners say the continued public display of colonial iconography glorifies persons responsible for the brutalization, subjugation, and humiliation of the people of Uganda.

Speaker Kadaga Receiving Petition From chief petitioner, Apollo N. Makubuya.

They, therefore, pray that government Removes street names and monuments that celebrate and immortalize colonial subjugators; That such monuments be placed at the Uganda Museum for future generations to learn about their true stories.

That government comes up with comprehensive policies and laws to streamline the naming and re-naming of geographical features, streets, and public places.

They want the school curriculum revisited to ensure that the history of Uganda is taught in its entirety rather than it glorifying colonial order and demeaning those who resisted being subjugated.

“This petition reminds me of a recent attempt to eradicate our history – the history Bunyoro Kitara from the syllabus. I think our minds have also been colonized and we need to rediscover ourselves and our identity, Speaker noted”.

She promised to report to Parliament next week about the petition and write to the Prime Minister to constitute a multi-sectoral team to consider the matter.

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