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By Damba Rogers
Discrimination is one of those acts that deprive someone of their rights and now siclers in Uganda are calling upon all races of people in the country to do away with the ongoing discrimination towards them saying they are able to do all things that other people can do.

Speaking to Nakitende Linda, aged 18 and a sickler reveals that they have been deliberately denied employment, education opportunities on grounds that they can not easily managed to execute the needed tasks ust like others who are fully healthy something that say has hinder their development socially and economically.

Listening to Linda’s school time story makes you feel sad as she was forced to face challenges of stand the cold to attend class which would affect her daily life and also confirms that so many sicklers go through these situations which pause challenges to their lives.

The dean of student at Makerere university, Cyriaco Kabagambe who was delivering the university’s vice chancellors speech at the ceremony where makerere university students launched a campaign that is aimed at breaking the silence on sicklecells says the university has provided and will continue to provide special attention to sicklers just like it does to other disabled students.

But the executive director Sickle cells network Uganda, Evelyne Mwesigwa challenges the general public to always look at sicklers just like any other human being but at the same continue to donate blood which these special people very much need to maintain their lives.

Sickle cells is among the non communicable diseases that has increased to manifest among Ugandans of lately .

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