Science Polls Are A Blessing in Disguise  

By. Damba Rogers

Following the release of a new electoral roadmap by the electoral commission of Uganda to guide the country on how to go about the exercise amidst COVID 19, many aspirants detested the new move but Dr. Ssekimpi Joel who intends to contest for the country’s topmost office sees this as a blessing in disguise to the country.

Dr. Ssekimpi who is also a pastor says, scientific elections came when Uganda is ill-prepared to handle IT-related issues.

But he is hopeful this will act as a benchmark for Uganda to drastically improve on her IT infrastructure across the country.

Just like Rwanda, Dr. Sekimpi is advising Uganda to expedite constructing a much better fiber network that will avail internet network across the country at a very cheaper cost.

He also says, with the scientific elections, Uganda is to learn lessons on the benefits of having a well-built fiber system or network for the country.

Most opposition contestants in the coming polls are strongly against the plans by the state to host scientific elections saying they will limit candidates from getting to the final electorates.

They also say, it is a clear indicator that the electoral process will be expensive and not fair, which is helpful to the incumbent who is president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Dr Sekimpi who is also showing prime interest to aspire for the highest post in Uganda’s leadership is cautioning the country’s hurry to hold elections when the situation is not favourable and demands that the process be halted for a while until the situation normalizes.

Now that pastors are joining politics, it’s a symbol that the faithful hrave lost trust in the president and want to take it in their hands to guide the nation.

Dr Sekimpi’s core values for the presidency, are improving the education, health, economic status of the country.

Over 25 Ugandans have shown interest in aspiring for the country’s highest position.



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