The Rise in Breast Cancer Among Men Worry- Experts

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The Head of the Comprehensive Cancer Community program (CCCP) at Uganda cancer institute, Dr. Noleb Mugisha has revealed that there is a rise in breast cancer among Ugandan men which the institute attributes to low knowledge among men that they can develop the disease.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the world breast cancer month in Kampala, Dr. Noleb confirmed that last year the institute recorded 2318 cancer cases, 515 new cases among them 37 were breast cancer cases among men and 26 deaths.

He also noted that the under laying problem among men is the poor attitude towards health-seeking behavior among men hence the increase in breast cancer among men in the country.

However, Dr. Christopher Kwizera from the Uganda non-communicable diseases alliance (UNCDA) said that globally breast cancer is the commonest cancer globally and the second commonest cancer in Uganda.

Most of the people who present with cancer come from a very far place where there is little or no test facilities Dr. Christopher.

Dr. Kwizera now says they are boosting their sensitization among men on how to prevent breast cancer including regular and periodic screen, controlled smoking and alcohol consumption, always engage in physical exercises among other measures.

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