Provide us Airtime To Conduct Church Services -Archbishop Urges Radio and TV Stations

By Ritah Ainembabazi

The new Archbishop of the church of Uganda Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has called on Radio and TV stations to provide them airtime to conduct church services.
This follows the government’s decision to close down all public religious gatherings including churches for 32 days effective today.

In a statement released after the president’s pronouncement, Kazimba urged Bishops to develop radio church asking all radio stations to collaborate with the church under these extraordinary circumstances and provide airtime on Sunday to broadcast local language services into every home.
“We also encourage all Bishops to link with local TV stations for ways to broadcast a local language Sunday service through television. I want to emphasize how this situation reminds us of our great need for a church TV station, as I identified in my Charge, and I hope we will now understand the urgency for it” the archbishop said.

He also promised to record a daily devotion to be circulated on social media and encouraged Christians to access the devotion through the Church of Uganda’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts. and  

“I also want to encourage Christians to reach out to one another in as many ways as possible – phone calls, text messages, social media – so we continue to encourage one another in our faith. This is especially important for the elderly and those who may be isolated. Please make sure they have the practical, emotional, and spiritual support of the Christian community” he added

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