Police Launch Crowd Enforcement Manual, As Cheptegei Is Promoted


Police has launched new standard operating procedures in its new handbook to be followed by its officers while executing operation mainly while using fire arms.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the guidelines are intended to avert the misuse of fire arms by both the police officers, LDUs and the UPDF while on duty to minimize clear less mistakes.

With the country heading into political campaigns and police is at the center stage of controlling law and order, its high time that such guides are issued to individual officers to carry with them as they carry out policing activities.

The handbook categorized in 15 chapters among them is, use of force, use of firearms, warning by use of loud speakers, how to manage and disperse riotous crowds, unauthorized use of lethal force, among others and to police, the book is going to help policing activities.

But Enanga warns the public that not everything that the police officer is going to encounter is described in the book.

And in honor of the good work by the humble police Joshua Cheptegei, the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola recommended for promotion of Cheptegei from superintendent of police to now assistant superintendent of police.

In the police advisory meeting held last Wednesday, Ochola also recommended the police logistics department to give police athletes with a double cabin pick up and minibus to facilitate their movements during trainings.

Police will also rename one of the facility at its training school in Masindi after Cheptegei’s name.

According to police, this is done to motivate all its athletes to be able to excel in their career.

Cheptegei has broken world records and has recently won four world races and now is a world champion in 5000, 10,000, meter races, commonwealth gold medalist, and world cross country champion.

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