Court Dismisses Case Aganist -Nup


NUP supporters around the country can now  relax after the Highcourt has dismissed a case which had challenged the legality of thier party registration and change of name.

The resultant effect of a  12 paged judgement by justice Musa Ssekaana is that NUP is now a legally  registered political party in Uganda  having changed its name and leadership from National Unity Reconcilation and development party in June last year .

This has given a sigh of relief to all candidates that have offered themselves for nomination on the NUP ticket since they are  safe to contest in the 2021 general elections. 

In his judgement  Justice Ssekaana has noted that the plaintiffs; Basile Difasi and Twaha Hassan filed the case out of the stipulated timeframe of 3 months within which an aggrieved party can ask court  to review a decision .

The judge has  then observed  that filing this case a year after NUP had been registered, it was  clear  that  former NURP leaders   had no genuine grievance but a scheme  to make some quick cash in this election season . 

Justice Ssekaana has also invoked his powers to add former NURP president Moses Kibalama  and secretary General Paul Ssimbwa Kagombe as applicants in the case the duo having  back tracked  on thier affidavit  evidence before  court as  they  failed to  recover the 500m dollars they  were promised .

 He has then ordered Kibalama , Kagombe , Difasi Basile and Twaha Hassan to pay costs to NUP, its president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and other administrators for unlawfully dragging them to court and  concluded  that he  cannot listen to litigants who access court through windows instead of using the main door as he who seeks  justice must do so with clean hands, mind and heart.

The former founders of NURP had asked court to cancel  NUP’s registration saying it was done with out their consent and by not following the party Constitution. 

These  also sued the Election commission and the Attorney General who have also been ordered to recover costs of the case from Kibalama and colleagues .

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