New App Linking Market Women To Broader Markets

By. Damba Rogers

The institute for social transformation is in the final stages of coming up with a new marketing App for women vending fruits, food, and vegetables in markets around the country.

According to the executive director, Institute for social transformation, Rita Atukwasa, women in markets have been cheated by middlemen for long, By middlemen buying goods from them at a very cheaper price and selling them off to the final consumer at very high prices, but with the yet to be launched, Fresh at your door step App, all these business huddles women have been facing will become history.

She further reveals that they have bench marked the usage and challenges of such Apps from Rwanda where it is being used and has transformed women in business from being peasant business women to modern business women.

Speaking to Nalubega Gorettie, a vendor at Nakawa market and her counterpart from Kalerwe market, Nanyonjo gorettie, they visibly expressed joy for the introduction of the new innovation, saying it is going to solve the big challenges they have been facing.

How the App will work.

A client will have to place an order/s of the items they want to have, and the market vendor will then have to confirm after full negotiations on the prices.

Then both parties agree on delivery modes, either the client picks them or the vendor delivers them to the desired place.

Rita further reveals that, the App will have sections where a client can raise complaints about the services or quality of goods sold to them, and then, the matter is handled.

This is one of the checks and balances they are putting in place to curb any negative emerging issues between the two parties and mainly on the side of the vendor.

Over 150 women groups from various markets in Kampala, Masaka, Gulu, Busia, Arua among others are to benefit from the new initiative.

This will not be the first innovation for ugandans to easy the way of doing business, with the earlier Apps being used by commercial motor bikes riders, namely, Safe boda, Taxify, Uber and others.


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