Lack Of A Unique Identifier Failing Location Of HIV Patients


The director general Uganda AIDS Commission, Dr. Nelson Musoba attributes the failure to fully track HIV patients to not having a unique identifier to help fast track patients across the country.

Speaking ahead of the international AIDS day slated for 1st December, Musoba says, some people test positive and all over a sadden they change location, abscond from picking medication for fear of being stigmatized among other issues and this in a long makes it hard for the care givers to trace them.

Musoba notes that such inefficiencies have fueled a rise in new HIV cases in the country.

He further notes that they are trying so hard to see that they devise means to follow up on every persons who visits a health center and tests positive to see that they are put on medication.

According to the commission, Uganda has made significant progress in fighting HIV over the last three decades.

According to the Uganda population based HIV impact assessment (UPHIA 2016) HIV prevalence was at 6.0% down from 7.3% in 2011.


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