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Katurebe Retires A Peaceful Man.

By. Damba Rogers

Katureebe has been at the helm of the judiciary for 5 years having taken over from CJ Emeritus Benjamin Odoki.

Among other Katureebe’s achievements is the groundbreaking of the construction of the permanent homes of the supreme and constitutional / cot of Appeal.

He is proud of his achievements including new technological innovations, championing the alternative case resolution mechanisms, and the latest being persuading the president to sign the judicial administration Bill into law.

Dollo praises his former boss as a smooth and smart operator who doesn’t need to be sung as a hero

Dollo who is also in the race with 2 other justices to be appointed to the office of the CJ however wants the retirement age of justices at the supreme and court of Appeal to be extended to 75.

He says at this stage; the Justices are experienced and wiser. He is however quick to add that the administrative offices of Principal Judge, Chief Justice, and Deputy Chief Justice should be vacated at 70 years.

Katureebe who was been head of the judiciary and supreme court made 70years last week on Friday which is the mandatory retirement age of justice.






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