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Infertility Law in Offing



The state minister for health Sarah Opendi has announced that plans to have the infertility law in place are in high gear as this will help regulate the sector.


According to the minister, Infertility is a very big but silent burden among Ugandans and couples in developing countries that needs to be aggressively tackled to a logical conclusion adding that with the advancing technologies in the world and health sector in particular regulations are needed to crack down on a dangerous practices that may come along with the new technologies to address such health complications or challenges in the country.


Statistics show that men contribute 50% to infertility failures as compared to women across the globe and in developing countries, one in four couples are having this problem, then in Uganda, 10-15 of the couples cannot have children with this, 75% is attributed to sexually transmitted diseases among them being, Cancers, drug and alcohol causing diseases, abnormal sperm production, premature ejaculation, blockage of tubes, environmental factors among men and women, ovulation disorders, early menopause among others.

Though many Ugandans are pushing the increase in infertility among women to early consumption of contraceptives, Dr. James Olobo, the vice president of the African infertility association bushes misconception by saying, “ it’s a big no.”


Health experts now advise Ugandans who have this problem to always visit qualified personnel to help them out than resorting to fights and have extra marital affairs.

Uganda will soon be opening up the fertility hospital in Mulago that will increase on better and quality fertility service delivery to Ugandans as this now will save many Ugandans who have been coughing between UGX.10 to 20 M to have infertility treatment services in the available health facilities.

Uganda will the 1st of March be hosting the fast ever on the African continent the infertility symposium that will bring hundreds of scientists in the country to forge a way forward on handling the matter.





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