Inequality and inequity Hindering The Fight Against Malnutrition- Report

Inequality and inequity hindering the fight against malnutrition- Global Nutrition report

By Julius Muhumuza

The Global Nutrition report 2020 has indicated that inequality and inequity are hindering flight against malnutrition in all its forms.

Inequities result from unjust health and food systems together with processes that always affect people’s ways of living as well as food choices.

The report shows that Inequalities affects the population’s nutrition in terms of age, wealth, gender, and education for instance infants from homes with educated mothers are less likely to breastfeed exclusively.

The report also indicates that most countries globally are faced with a double burden of malnutrition.

“Food systems are contributing to the burden of malnutrition depending on the time they are changed to impact the quality and availability as well as affordability.

The report also points out how most vulnerable populations are being affected and given the current situation where the world is battling with COVID-19 this population is at risk of the coronavirus due to weak immune systems.

Georgina Obwana Civil society alliance for nutrition Uganda Director of programs told this website that amidst fighting coronavirus good nutrition must be highly considered by addressing malnutrition hand in hand with the COVID-19 pandemic.

” In challenging times like these when the globe is faced and fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, it is vital that we focus on addressing issues regarding nutrition be given a priority”,Obwana said.

She further noted that nutrition is everybody’s responsibility because good nutrition not only nourishes the body but plays a significant role of development of the country, therefore the government, business community, and entire civil society organizations have an obligation to step up efforts to address malnutrition in all its forms to avoid the increase of malnutrition cases.

According to the Global nutrition report, malnutrition is the leading cause of poor health and death globally accounting for 19% of all deaths.


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