Hotel Owners Move TO Develop Curriculum for Hospitality Players

Hotel Owners Move TO Develop Curriculum for Hospitality Players

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The Uganda Hotel Owner’s Association in partnership with Suisscontact, an international partner organization for the implementation of development projects together with the Directorate of Industrial Training are currently in the process of developing a curriculum that will focus on the improvement of skills in Uganda’s hospitality sector.

This comes at a time when the sector is struggling to recover from the effects of COVID-19 which has left hundreds of thousands jobless and others on unpaid leave.

In the interest of having a strong recovery, The Uganda Hotel Owner’s Association and the Directorate of Industrial Development have struck a partnership with Suisscontact to implement a project they have code-named “the U-Learn II project in partnership with MasterCard foundation. The project will run for 5 years aiming at raising 8200 young people sustainably out of poverty by increasing their competitiveness in the job market and improve on their self-employment opportunities. They will focus on sectors in Uganda and they are, Agribusiness, Construction, and hospitality.

Since the hospitality sector is of the key dominant sectors. Suisscontact has come out to partner with Uganda’s private sector to help increase the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of interventions. Through this partnerships, DIT will assess the competencies of the people that will be trained using the curriculum.

While UHOA will be having some of its members training the youth interested in hospitality and also providing employment.

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