Health Ministry & Who Interven To Fight Malaria UpSurge

By.Damba Roegrs

Following the upsurge of severe malaria in the central, westnile, eastern, western and some parts of northern Uganda, the health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng reveals that they have developed interventions to curb down the upsurge.

Various health centers across the country since April have been receiving cases of severe malaria from mainly children between 1-12 years who presented with a number of complications among them, convulsion, severe headache, cerebral malaria among others with some developing drug resistance and others losing lives.

Addressing the press today in Kampala, the health minister, Dr. Aceng confirmed the outbreak but mentioned that interventions like, indoor residual spraying, provision of anti malarial to cater for bigger numbers of patients among other interventions are being intensified to handle the situation.

But Dr. Bayo Fatunmhi, the disease and prevention control advisor from WHO Uganda office together with Dr. Kassahun Belay the USAID senior resident advisor for the presidential malaria initiative are asking Uganda to get malaria vaccination programe, saying this will increase the immunity of populations against malaria.

The minister then attributes the up surge to change in climate, the concluding rainy season and urges masses to go to health centers as they suspect signs of malaria.

Early this week, Health workers in Kampala expressed worries with the re-emergence of malaria cases among children aged between five and above with severe conditions around Kampala.

 The doctors under their umbrella Uganda medical association also said, the affected children present with severe anaemia, cerebral malaria, and repeated convulsions.

However, Dr. Richard Idro, a consultant and senior lecturer paediatrician MAK and Dr. Namugerwa Shamim, resident, department of paediatrician and child health Mulago hospital confirmed that,most patients admitted to the acute care unit come from Kyebando, Kanyanya, Mulago, Mkindye, Kakiri, Katooke and Mukono and the health workers call for immediate attention for control in these areas.

The re-emergence which started in April this year has seen the hospital register 15 infants (1yr) 72 (1-4yrs) 29(5-12yrs) 12(12yrs) making a total of 128 with males taking the largest percentage.

The president, Uganda medical association Dr. Obuku Ekwaru is calling on govt and the general public to take quick action towards addressing the re-emergence of malaria around Kampala.

The govt through its malaria campaign had scaled down the burden of malaria by distributing treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying among other efforts.

The ministry confirms registering over 400 new cases of malaria since June this year, which numbers are expected to continue rising.


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