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Government Should Issue A Certificate Of Financial Implication To Table Anti Human Sacrifice Bill

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Author Godfrey is a father to Jessy who early this year survived being sacrificed by the neighbour in Makindye a Kampala suburb. And till now he is calling for justice against the perpetrators.

My son’s arm was cut off among other body parts by the inhumane neighbour. Says Ochoa.

And seeing my son playing without some of his body parts and scars on the neck makes me shade tears deep inside me.

Stories like these are living with many Ugandans but less has been done to see that such acts are prohibited.

Now child rights advocates together with the parliamentary forum on children are demanding government for the certificate of financial implication to allow the tabling of the prevention and prohibition of human sacrifice and harmful bill before parliament for the first reading.

According to, Hon, Robert Ntende a member of the parliamentary forum for children, child sacrifice continues to manifest in various communities of the country due to the absence of the law to address the vice.

It’s here that Hon. Nintendo demands that parliament fast tracks the passing of the prevention and prohibition of human sacrifice and harmful bill into law before the 11th parliament.

But, associate director advocacy at world vision, Irene Kayoga says, the new story of a suspect appearing at the premises of parliament with a child’s head was not only shocking but a blow to their long term struggle for child protection.

Such isolated incidents are among the many which go unnoticed leaving families, relatives and communities of the victims affected, which calls for the passing of the anti-human sacrifice bill into law.

Kyoga adds that, Life sacrificed is a life ended prematurely, a family left in distress, a community living in fear and an economy denied of a human resource.

She also reminds families and communities to stay alert and report any suspicious acts of violence towards children and demands that child protection structures including the LCs to ensure that children within their localities are protected from all forms of violence.

The speaker of parliament, Rt.Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga yesterday called for deeper investigations into the motives of the perpetrators of the act.

Since the start of this year, out of the 26 who have gone missing, 14 have lost their lives to the inhuman acts of human sacrifice.




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