Government of India to Provide free Orthopedic Services to -500 Ugandans

Government of India to Provide free Orthopedic Services for 500 Ugandans

By Adiga Julius

The government of India through a project under the name of Mahatma Gandhi is set to provide free orthopedic treatment to 500 Ugandans at MulagoHospital orthopedic Center, in Kampala.

According to the Secretary in charge of Information and Culture at the High Commission of India Mr. Durga Dass, a one-month orthopedic camp will take place at Mulago hospital Orthopedic Center starting from mid-Month of April 2020, and all services will be entirely free.
“Our target is to treat at least 500 patients all over Uganda which will take one-month,” Mr.Dass said.

He noted that the doctors will come from India and they will offer equipment for treatment, especially those who don’t have limbs.
He urged Ugandans with such problems to take advantage of this free orthopedic camp.

“This is a government of India project, it is under the name of Mahatma Gandhi, and it’s a service for humanity. it is a big project which we have already done in many countries’ he explained.

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