Extra Ugx.16Bn As Locusts Invade Soroti Town. Government In Fear.

By. Damba Rogers

The agriculture minister, Hon. Vincent Ssempijja reveals that govt has allowed to release extra UGX.16Bn to be used in combating the massive second invasion of desert locusts in Soroti town.

Addressing journalists in Kampala, the minister said, the evasion in Soroti arrived yesterday and has covered the whole town creating massive fear among members of the team.

The minister now says they are fighting hard to see that the swam does not cross over to Busoga.

The locusts have feasted on a variety of crops like cassava, sorghum, mangos, maize, sim sim raising fear of a loss totaling to UGX.218.3Bn.

The govt has since 9th of this month released over UGX.38 billion in the fight against locusts.

Experts confirm that locusts are very deadly, for their eggs if laid can stay for over seven years and develop into locusts at a time of chnge in weather paterns.

With the above danger, the president of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered for the buying of two planes to help in spraying the locusts.

Now the experts re still working on modalities of getting the required specifications of the planes to be bought.

The desert locusts are now in 28 districts of the country in the karamoja, acholi, sebbei and teso regions.

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