Don’t Take Us Back To The 80s

By Rogers & Julius

Lt.Gen Henry Tumukunde’s Renewed Uganda platform has asked the NRM government to desist from infringing on the political space for the opposition during campaign time to prevent the country from going back into what happened in the 80s.

Tumukunde who unveiled his campaign and coordination team that will move forward the agenda of the new political platform across the country says it’s sad to see that the opposition is humiliated and abused by the regime which uses state machinery to oppress them.

The team chaired by Omar Kalinge Nnyago has been unveiled today at the platform coordination offices in Kampala.

Speaking at the event, Tumukunde cautioned the current regime to desist from creating an undemocratic environment during election time that may resurrect what happened in the 1980s adding that this might spark another wave for aggressive change in the country.

The coordination team of men and women led by Nyago vows to push for political change in the country under all conditions.

However, the chief of staff at Renewed Uganda platform, Hon. Beatrice Kiraso deputized by counsel Alex Luganda notes that the struggle is not one of an individual, but of a well-organized team, brought together by the inspiration to bring peaceful change in Uganda’s governance.

Hon. Beatrice further confirms that the Renewed Uganda platform advocates for lawful and democratic means as provided for under the constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

The full list of coordinators carries regional coordinators, political strategists, special interest groups coordinators, legal officers, and chief of staff among others.










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