Dgf Closure Is Diversionary

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The executive director for the great lakes governance institute (GLIS) Godber Tomushabe attributes the ongoing closure of DGF by the president to a ploy by the state to divert Uganda from contesting the just concluded election results.

Addressing journalists today in Kampala, Godber among other civil society directors challenge the state to accept giving proper accountability to citizens than resorting to diverting them away from demanding for their civic rights.

He further urges Ugandans to strongly demand for their civic rights than allowing to be kept in the dark by the state.

However, the UN human rights rapporteur, Magaret Sekajja asks the president always to seek for correct information before taking drastic decisions which in the long run cost the country and the citizens.

Yesterday parliament also debated the presidential decision to halt DGF operations in the country and they strongly cautioned the president against taking this direction and called for a reversal in the decision.

Henry Mujuzi the national coordinator for the Alliance for finance monitoring warns that the country risks running into a financial problem especially in the budget funding aspect in case DGF pulls out.

If DGF operations are halted in the country, over 95 NGOs and 15 govt departments and agencies are likely to be affected directly and over 10,000 jobs are likely to be lost.


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