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CSOs Shocked & Angry Over State Terrorism Branding

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Civil Society Organizations in Uganda are shocked and angry after the state branding them as being sponsors of terror activities and vow to drag government to court over its high handedness which has seen some of their accounts frozen by the financial intelligence authority.

Addressing a joint press conference today in Kampala, Zaxier from Action aid Uganda, Nicholas Opio (Chapter one) Sara Birete (Center for constitution governance) Godber Tomushabe (Great lakes institute for strategic studies) Perry Arituwa (UWONET) among others maintain that the acts by state institutions like the NGO Bureau and the financial intelligence authority are illegal and geared at threatening civil society which they are not going to allow.

As they plan legal action against the state, they also call upon parliament to reign in on the increasing illegalities by the state against CSOs and Ugandans during this political time.

 The state through the financial intelligence authority has frozen accounts of the NGO Forum a mother body of all NGOs in the country and UWONET a mother NGO for all women NGOS in the country on grounds that they are sponsoring terrorism groups in the country.

The leaders of the NGOs in the country are tasking the state to provide proof to their allegation labeled against them.

In a related development, Godber Tomushabe reveals their plans to talk to all countries and development partners that have extended support to Uganda to reconsider their support towards Uganda noting that the support is wrongly used to oppress Ugandans.

The angry CSO leadership says the rise in illegal acts against their members by the state are a visible sign that the state is afraid of the population and has resorted to using illegal means to take away their rights and freedom.


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