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Black Monday Campaign Re-activated

By. Damba Rogers.

Following the presidential walk against corruption early this month, advocacy groups have re-activated the black Monday campaign as they demand for govt visible action against the corrupt.

Speaking at the launch of the re-activated campaign today at Action Aid offices in Kampala, the country director Action Aid Uganda, Xaphier Ejoyi asked Ugandan citizens to get more angry and take serious action against the corrupt officials.

He further states that keeping silent as a few enrich themselves has led to low and poor quality service deliverly.

On the other hand, senior citizen Miria Mtembe slams the presidential anti-corruption walk by saying his govt is not fully committed to fighting corruption and challenges the president to take action.

She vows not to stop speaking about the wrongs the current regime has done. Quoting from Isiaah chapter 1-7, which says that people should use their mouth like swords to speak on everything bad that they see. As this will make a righteous society.

 The Black Monday campaign will see activists always wear black on Mondays as a symbol of showing their dissatisfaction towards corrupt govt officials.

Over USD.500 billion donor money sent to Uganda is swindled by corrupt govt officials, of which this money would help in constructing better schools, health facilities for Ugandans.



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