Birds Invade Parliament , Kadaga Asks NEMA to Relocate The Birds

Birds invade Parliament , Kadaga Asks NEMA to Relocate Them

By Adiga Julius

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has instructed the Director of the National Environment Authority (NEMA) to help parliament relocate the Birds that have  become a danger  to parliament.

The birds which include marabou stork and cattle regret, have since taken over the Parliament park yard which act as space for Parliamentary chambers.

Kadaga’s directive to relocate the birds, followed concern from Tororo district woman MP Sarah Opendi who informed the House that the birds had become an inconvenience and a health threat to the MPs.

According to Opendi, the birds were producing what she described as  strong and very unpleasant smell, which she said is  dangerous to the people who are allergic.

“We have the marabou stork if you look in front of you, they are not edible, their numbers are increasing and the stench is steadily increasing and will affect people like myself who are allergic to the strong smell,” Opendi explained.

Marabou stork

She said that the bird’s feathers are flying around and if nothing is
done people may end up inhaling them unknowingly which may cause danger to people’s health.

Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret have permanently settled at the parliamentary gardens.

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