Akena – Why UPC Is Not Participating in 2021 Presidential Elections

Why UPC is Not Participating in 2021 Presidential Elections

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Uganda People’s Congress Party (UPC) President Jimmy Akena has explained why the party UPC is not participating in the 2021 presidential elections.

According to Akena, as a party, they did not feel that the prospects of competing favorably and wining at the presidential level are actually attainable.

He said the party is instead focusing on winning more MPs seats and LC3 and LC1 posts as the party continues with the rebuilding process.

“We have expanded our base over the last five years, we have increased our presentation at LC1, LC3 and that is where our focus is, we do not believe that you can do it in one easy step, so where you have the ability and resources is where we are putting our efforts,’’ Hon Akena explained.

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) one of the oldest Parties in Uganda, is the only political party not competing for the highest office in the country in the 2021 Presidential election.

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