Accurate Information Critical In Crisis Time.

As Uganda marks the first international day for universal access to information today, development partners are reminding Uganda on the need to provide accurate and timely information to the public during crisis times.

Reading the regional and country director UNESCO and the UN country coordinators speech, Charles Drechabo stated that for any country to easily address a crisis at hand needs to be open to its citizens whom its accountable for.

In reference to the covi19 fight, UN agencies are reminding Uganda to always be accurate while providing information to the general public to prevent creating room for mis- information which is very costsly.However, the head of DGF in Ugandan, Nicole Bjerler notes that access to information holds the key to uganda’s attainment of vision 2030 and failure by govt agencies to information the public hinders meaningful development.

Still, the executive director, Africa freedom of information center, Gilbert Sendugwa attributes the increasing complacency among Ugandans in regards to observing covid19 regulations to govt’s failure to provide accurate and timely information to the citizens.


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