By Adiga Julius

Parliaments Committee on HIV/AIDs has expressed concerned over the recent 2016 Uganda Population HIV impact assessment survey which indicates that HIV Prevalence among youth and women still high.
The 2016 Uganda Population HIV impact assessment survey 2016 carried out from August 2016 to march 2017 shows that HIV prevalence among women is at 7.5% compared to 4.3% among men with a prevalence recorded higher among urban population at 7.1% compared to rural population at 5.5%.
The Members sitting on this committee say that they are going out to sensitize the youths in Universities on mass media and other means of communication because its’ seems the public has give up on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs.
Ntwentwe County MP in Kyankwanzi District Dr. Sebikali Joel says Uganda had a record worldwide on preventing the spread of HIV but now is its the fight the scourge becauae its reputation in the fight aganist the problem is declining ,hence the high prevalence.

Chairperson Committee on HIV/AIDS and Related Matters Kole District woman mp Alyek Judith says the HIV reduction can easily be brought down by involving men ,political ,religious and cutural leaders to educate the public on prevention of the peoblem and also eliminate Mother to child transmission as a way of reducing it from the new borns.

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