EC Urged TO Make Political Parties Declare Source of Funding

EC Urged TO Make Political Parties Declare Source of Funding

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The Electoral Commission has been urged to step up its supervision of political parties to ensure that they declare the source of their campaign financing and also show accountability.

This is one of the key steps required to regulate the amount of money being injected in elections by political parties’ thereby promoting commercialization of politics.

The executive director at the Alliance for Finance Monitoring HenryMuguzi says that if the current mechanism is not working, the commission should set up a fully-fledged department.

“The election commission should set up an independent department that manages political parties and political finance, we understand and take cognizance of the fact that quite often electoral commission interprets its Mandate to organize and conducting elections, but the role of regulating political parties needs strong department that would require the political parties able to adhere to political and organizations act and those that fail to do so, get sanctions at the moment these provisions are not followed they are not enforced Mr. Mugizi noted.

He made the remarks at the launch of a report dubbed Commercializedpolitics and captivity of state institutions in Uganda at their offices on Lumumba AvenueMuguzi say that in the long run, Ugandaneeds a law to regulate political campaign financing.

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