Mukula To Petition M7 On Unfulfilled Pledges

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The chairperson eastern region for the NRM Hon. Capt. Mike Mukula is to petition the party chairman, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over the un fulfilled pledges by the party over the years in leadership.

Mukula’s petition follows concerns raised by the party leaders at the lower level across the country received while meeting members as he conversed for support for retain the post of vice chairperson eastern region.

According to Mukula, among the unfulfilled pledges the party leaders have raised across the country include, low mobilization, low funding and lack of offices to coordinate party activities and other social economic activities.

Meanwhile, Mukula reveals his plans to set up offices in Jinja and Mbale to coordinate Busoga and greater Bugisu and Teso regions.

He further castigates officials in the party who has failed to give in to see that the party grows and deepens its roots in the whole country and he has termed them as “Selfish members”

In a way of recalibrating the party, Mukula urges all members to be selfless and serve the party as volunteers if it is to regain its popularity.

On the issue of scientific elections, Mukula warns that Uganda should not ever think of having another scientific election since they are very expensive and discriminative mainly to those with no funds to run them. The scientific elections if used again the party is likely to loss more candidates and hence support.

Still in a bid to fight COVID 19, he challenges all political players both in the ruling regime and the opposition to fully observe the health regulations and guidelines adding that the pandemic is real and is living with us.


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