We Have Sufficient Stock of Children’s Cancer Drugs- Dr. Orem

We Have Sufficient Stock of Children’s Cancer Drugs- Dr. Orem

By Adiga Julius.

Uganda Cancer Institute Director Dr. Jackson Orem has dismissed reports that the institute has run out of children’s anti-cancer medicines.

This follows an international appeal for anti-cancer drugs for children on behalf of the government of Uganda by Texas Children’s Hospital.

It purports that there is a crisis of anticancer medicines in Uganda due to the current COVID19 Pandemic and therefore, children are not being treated.

The hospital also claims that as a result, there is a shortage at MulagoNational Referral Hospital, the largest pediatric oncology/hematology center in Uganda, and one of the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa which is false.

“We want to reassure the public and parents of children with cancer and cancer patients in general that as stated before cancer medicines are available at the Uganda Cancer Institute” Dr. Jackson Orem said in a statement.

He noted that the Institute has been open and will remain open throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown.

“We inform the public that cancer patients should be brought to the institute as per the guidelines we have issued. We are fully open receiving all new cases and also handling those on continuous treatment” Dr. Orem added

The institute, therefore, clarifies that the government of Uganda has not commissioned an international appeal for childhood cancer drugs by Texas Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Orem also revealed that there is no shortage of essential anticancer drugs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

“The main challenge faced by our patients at the moment is that of transportation, accommodation, and feeding especially for those coming from upcountry,” he said.

Dr. Orem thanked the government of Uganda through the COVID-19 national task force for the support they have extended to patients by availing transport for the patients and providing food.

Uganda Cancer Institute is a government entity mandated to spearhead National Cancer Control in the Country. It is the largest cancer treatment center in East Africa and the only pediatric cancer Centre in Uganda.



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