Don’t Commercialize Politics- Arch Bishop Ntagali warns Politicians.

By Irankunda Godfrey

Don’t commercialize politics- Arch Bishop Ntagali warns Politicians.

The outgoing Arch Bishop for the Church Of Uganda – His Grace Stanley Ntagali has lamented about a negative vice that has eaten up Uganda’s politics where voter -buying has become the order of the day in Uganda’s politics yet   leaders ought to be voted on merit.  Ntagali, in his Christmas message emphasized that Uganda will not be a corruption free country if voters continue being bought by politicians during elections a scenario he said   culminates into poor service delivery.

The Arch Bishop stressed that in the forth- coming elections, voters must observe and weave out poor leaders irrespective of how much money they can dish out in order to be put into elective positions.

Ntagali advised Members of Parliament and other leaders in big political positions to be mindful of people they represent other than simply passing out laws that only benefit people in leadership. The outgoing Man Of God further advised both the incumbent and in coming political aspirants to be economic mindful so that they don’t spend all family property in order to be elected

Don’t sell off family property like land in order to buy voters. Take into account     that when you lose having sold off all the family land, you will make the family suffer. Lastly, I should advise political leaders not to cling on power because there is time for everything. Time to enter and time for Exit> Ntagali noted.

In another development the Mbarara Catholic Bishop Rt. Rev. Bakyenga Paul has condemned murder killings that have engulfed many parts of the country.

While addressing hundreds of congregation at Mbarara Dioces, Bishop Bakyenga revealed that Despite of Uganda excelling in pacifying other countries, internal security is still lacking. He lamented about rampant murders and kidnaps that have terrorized Ugandans, there by calling up on security personnel to double their effort in fighting the vice.

All over the country, condemning corruption, murder cases and human vilations took a lead in religious leaders’ preaching on Christmas eve.

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