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Entebbe Express Way Charges Start June 2020.

By. Damba Rogers

The minister of state for transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala confirms that starting June 2020 the road toll contractor will start charging fees to all Entebbe express high way users.

Following the passing of the passing of the road Act 2019 by parliament early this year and then signed by the president in September 2019 paved way for the new changes in the road Act among them road toll charges.

Speaking at the launch of the road Act 2019 at the ministry headquarters in Kampala today, Gen. Katumba further stated that the charges will be affordable to the road users and will depend on the type of vehicle a person is using.

The new provides for guidance on land compensation by govt from citizen during the process of expansion and construction of roads, introduces penalties like, prohibiting the burning of tyres, spelling oil, drying food on the road and punished contractors with shoddy work among others.

The country has been using the outdate road Act of 1949 and 1969 which had leaved the test of time.


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