Quality Chemicals To Replace All Recalled Tenofovir Drug Stock By October


By.Damba Rogers

Following the recalling of 20,000 doses of Hepatitis B drugs from the market by CIPLA Quality chemicals, the CEO of the drug manufacturing company, Nevin Bradford confirms that they will be replacing all the recalled doses of Hepatitis B drugs Tenofovir 300mg in the 1st week of October 2019.

News circulated over the weekend that CIPLA has recalled Tenofavir a drug that treats Hepatitis B on the recommendation of national drug authority that the drug lacked some specification to meet the desired efficacy and this worried masses.

But, Nevin says, Cipla undertook a voluntary recall of several batches of its Texavir, a tenofovir based drug adding that the recall is part of the quality management system for medicines adding that it’s a global practice required of every drug manufacturer as per good manufacturing practices.

He then assures the public and those on treatment that there was no efficacy issue with the recalled batch and confirms that they will be sending 20,000 doses of Tenofovir to the market by the 1st week of October.

He also pledges that CIPLA is committed to producing quality drugs for both Ugandan and external markets as well as standard products that meet the stipulated by the various local, regional and international drug regulatory agencies.


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