Over 50 New Dental Students To Miss Studies at Mak

By, Our reporter

Following the closure of Makerere university dental school, over 50 new dental students are not going to start class in the coming first semester, early this August.

Govt ordered for the closure of the dental school on grounds that the school was not meeting the required standards.

The Guild president, Makerere University, Kategerega Julius is requesting the university and govt to expedite on the process of seeing this school re-opened.

Katerega adds that the acts put dental students at risk and a state of confusion affecting over 50 newly registered students.

Makerere dental school is the sole dental school in the country and its closure will impact negatively on the country dental sector mainly when the country is still under a crisis of dental experts.

In a related development, Students leaders from public universities are dragging govt and URA to court over the new move by the tax body to collect tuition on behalf of the universities.

 The guild presidents from public universities say the move will cripple service delivery in the institutions.

Julius Katerega the Makerere University guild president notes that the money they pay to the universities is paid for a particular service which is education, hence should not be collected by URA. The move to drag govt and URA to court through their lawyers, Kiiza and Mugisha advocates is to seek an injunction on the new move to have all tuition collected by URA.

He further reveals that they are going to mobilize students against the move and encouraged the students not to pay any amounts of money to these new accounts.

However, the guild president, MUBS, Tusingwire Ramlus views the new move as one of the ploys by the govt to siphon powers of the university institutions which will in the long run cause delays in services delivery at these institutions.

The new semester opens Early August and students leaders vow not to respect the new plans by govt.


Over 50 New Dental Students To Miss Studies at Mak
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