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Data For Human Rights.

By Damba Rogers

Uganda human rights commission together with the prime ministers’ office, Uganda Bureau Of Statistics (UBOS) and National Planning Authority have signed an MOU that will see govt programs have a human rights-based approach with enough data to better serve the population.

Speaking at the signing ceremony today in Kampala, the executive director, National Planning Authority, Dr. Joseph Muvawala says the MOU sets up a frame work of corporation that establishes a platform that promotes greater understanding of the importance of developing and using statistical information to inform, implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate national policies, programmes and projects which may impact the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights.

But the Uganda human rights commission chairman, Hon. Medi Sozi Kagwa emphasizes the importance of having data in programming and serving the public.

Data in human rights will be used to better serve Ugandan communities as the country strives to attain the 2030 agenda which seeks to leave no one behind.


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