Uganda Re 0rganizing TB Treatment Centers.

In a bid to improve TB treatment, diagnosis at all govt health centers across the country, govt is considering re-organizing TB treatment centers for them to be able to handle cases as they come in.

Addressing journalists at the ministry in Kampala today ahead of the world TB day that falls on 24 march

, the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng says, the re-organization will then see health centers handle screening, diagnosis and offer treatment to all patients as they come in which has not been the case.

Aceng says this is done to improve access to treatment to TB patients as well as lessen on the number of patients who are lost after presenting with TB.

However, the acting commission in charge of TB control, Dr. Stavia Turyahabwe says, though TB is slowly going down the number of new cases register annually standing at 86000 (64%) worries experts.

She further says, 53% of the households with TB cases spend 20% of their incomes on treatment which draws them into the poverty line.

Now the ministry is urging the general public to always go for check up whenever they experience coughs for long period of time. TB can be spread through coughing in public places, using the same utensils with  a patient among other methods.

This years celebrations are to be held in Ntungamo district under the theme, “It is time for Uganda to End TB”and slogan “It starts with me” in addition to the sub-theme “end Discrimination, Stigma and Prejudice” for leprosy.



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