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Government To Declares 30th November a National Day of Mourning

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The government is set to declare 30th November a National mourning day in commemoration of revelers who died on Saturday last week after the boat on which they were cruising capsized in L. Victoria.

This has was disclosed by the first Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali while addressing parliament on the tragic boat accident. The minister of transport has also presented a statement in parliament on the same incident.

The parliamentary sitting which took place in a very somber mood as legislators grieved the death of over 30 people who perished in the Saturday boat accident on L. Victoria. the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah who presided over the meeting called upon government to fast track the establishment of sight and rescue centers on lakes,expedite the processing of amendments in the water transport laws and encouraged government to beef up advocacy campaigns for water transport campaign.

The first deputy prime minister Gen. Moses Ali told parliament that the government is going to consider Friday of this week which is 30th November as a National Mourning Day to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragic incident.

Monica Ntege Azuba the minister of Works and transport today presented a statement on the floor of parliament concerning the details of the accident and government’s way forward which pinned the owner of the boat Templar Bisase and other revelers for defying lawful orders of a police officer who intercepted the boat before it started its voyage thus concluding that the accident was caused by no-adherence of laws governing water transport. The minister further noted that they are going to embark on strengthening inspection, registration and licensing of all marine boats, Review and update the legal framework and enhancing safety sensitization on water transport to reduce accidents on the road.

However Members of parliament faulted government for neglecting the water transport, without rescue facilities, no regulations, and limited sensitization of water transport users. others called upon government to find means of cutting costs of the life jackets and make them mandatory to all users

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