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No supplementary Ple Exams For Missing Candidates. Janet

By Adiga Julius

The minister of Education and sports Janat Kataha Museveni has affirmed that there no any arrangements to give supplementary exams to pupils who missed out on their primary leaving exams.

This comes after the Bunyole west Member of Parliament James Walunswaka on Tuesday asked the ministry to provide supplementary exams to pupils who had been seen in the media from the districts of Iganga and Butambala having missed their PLE examinations after their head teachers failed to register them for the exams.

Minister Janet Museveni while presenting a statement on the matter to parliament, she put the blame on their schools not being registered with examination centers hence there is no any way the ministry could track whether these pupils were registered or not.

She adds that offering pupils additional exams cannot be done as this will set a bad precedent that will allow head teachers to fail to register students because they know they will have another opportunity and says that such exams should be done at the same time to ensure they are accessed in the same manner.

Janet Museveni also noted that they are enacting the UNEB bill that will give heavy penalties to head teachers that fail to register students and hope this will be able to discourage the practice.

However the Bunyole west mp James Walunswaka urged the minister to reconsider her position and said that if its an issue of costs members of parliament were willing to contribute to this noble cause to ensure these children do not miss out on their exams or else many of them who are girls might end up in marriage at such young age.

The deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah urged the ministry to come up with a system which can help pupils to detect whether they have been registered or not which Minister Janet Museveni promised to look into.

160,000 Primary seven candidates concluded their exams on Tuesday this week with some candidates not able to write their final national papers following failure by their head teachers to register them as the rules spell.


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