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Oulanyah Calls For Malaria Eradication Not Control

Oulanyah Calls For Malaria Eradication Not Control

By Adiga Julius & Acaye Henry

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya has challenged stakeholders fighting malaria to aim at eradicating it instead of control.

He said one of the ways of eliminating the mosquitoes is through the indoor residual spraying which was abandoned.
He urged Government and support partners to reconsider this method because it is an effective way in the fight malaria.

He made the remarks while meeting a delegation of UK All –Party Parliamentary Group on malaria and neglected tropical diseases (APPMG) which is one of the leading donors of malaria in Uganda, who paid courtesy call to his office.

He informed them that Malaria can be eradicated if there are concerted efforts from all the concerned parties but it is been difficult because there are stakeholders and stockholders.

Explaining that Stakeholders want to eradicate malaria while stockholders are looking for profits.

The delegation is in Uganda to share experiences and see for themselves the immense impact that malaria projects can have on the lives of individuals in developing countries like Uganda.

The leader of the delegation Lord McColl Who led the group to Parliament, revealed that his government recently ,through the department for international development (DFID) marked the launch of a new 45 Million Pounds program to fight malaria in the Uganda over the next 5 years.

He said the program is expected to avert 11,056 deaths of children under 5 and prevent 989,000 malaria cases,contributing to the government s priority on tackling preventable maternal and child deaths.

Malaria remains a serious public health problem in Uganda accounting for 4% of the global malaria cases, responsible for 30-50% of outpatient visits, 15-20% hospital admissions and up to 20% of inpatients deaths.


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