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Red Cross launch a Disaster and Epidemic Preparedness Programme

Red Cross launch a Disaster and Epidemic Preparedness Programme.

By Acaye Henry

The United States Government together with the Universal parcel services (UPS) Foundation, the American Red Cross and the Uganda Red Cross Society have jointly launched a disaster and Epidemic preparedness programme.

The programme set to start in Kampala and Kasese which has been earmarked as the most vulnerable district is aimed at helping Business communities get prepared to be able to prevent and detect possible epidemics in a bid to safe guard their business that have suffered losses.

The project contributes to the country’s commitments to achieve a set of goals under the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and the International Health Regulation (IHR) framework.

Speaking at the launch of the Business Preparedness Initiative, US ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac says the Initiative (BPI) complimentary to the Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Program, a program recently launched and funded by USAID.

Uganda Red cross Society Secretary General Robert Kwesiga their focus to support the business in the one year programme is because small and medium enterprises are the backbone of most economies.

He says the Business Preparedness Initiative will help build the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kampala and Kasese to be disaster resilient and withstand disaster impacts in communities in the wake of disasters.

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