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Kayihura regains his freedom after Army court grants him bail

Kayihura regains his freedom after Army Court grants him bail

By Damba Rogers

Former Inspector General of Police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura is released on bail by the Makindye General court Martial after spending 76days in detention at Makindye Military Barracks.

Court Chairman Lt.Gen.Andrew Gutti granted Kayihura bail on grounds that its his constitutional right, he is of advanced age, has no previous criminal record, requires specialised medical attention abroad, has substantial surities who will ensure his return to court for trial and that the prosecution did indicate any likelihood for Gen. Kayihura to interfere with investigations.

Lt.Gen. Gutti has released Gen. Kayihura on a noncash bond of 10mshs, his surities 5mshs not cash, he is restricted to remain ithin Kampala and Wakiso District, and not travel abroad except with court’s permission, has to report to the Army court every first Monday of the Month and as and when he is required.

Failure to abide by thes conditions, his bail will be cancelled.

Jubilations is what covered the Court Martial as soon as Gen. Kayihura regained his freedom.

he has been driven away in a private car,court was filled with his supporters chanting his name.

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