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(UCI) To Investigate Staff Extorting Money from Patients- Illegally

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(UCI) To Investigate Staff Extorting Money from Patients Illegally

By Adiga Julius

The Executive Director Uganda Cancer Institute, Dr Jackson Orem has said (UCI) staff involved in extorting illegal fees from patients at the radiotherapy department shall be investigated and delt with accordingly.

This follows a video released by the media particularly the new vision that allegedly showed a staff asking money from patients an act (UCI) Management condemns.

In a Statement to the media (UCI) Executive Director Dr Jackson Orem clarifies that( UCI) offers both General and Private services ,but general services including radiotherapy are free of charge to the Patients .

He says Private services are paid for and acknowledged with receipt and are offered according to Ministry of Health guidelines for Management of Private Wings of Hospitals.

He adds that UCI takes the issue of extortion seriously and discourages her staff from such vice .adding that investigations into matter have already commenced and staff implicated shall be dealt with, the statement reads.

He hailed the media for heading to call, by the Management of Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) to expose such acts.

The institutes therefore urge the public and all its clients to bring information of such actions to the attention of Uganda Cancer Institute Management through its toll free line 0800100800 or use its whatsup line to 0706917067 to report such acts.

On the 12th 2018 Sunday vision realized a video clip showing a (UCI) staff staff charging patients for radiotherapy services.

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