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Do Exercise to Fight Cancer Dr-Okuku

By Adiga Julius

Senior oncologist at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) Dr Fred Okuku has advised the public to regularly do exercise as one of the ways to fight cancer burden in the country.

He says daily exercise, eating fruits and vegetables help in lowering risk factors associated with cancer, he notes that some of the foods that people eat especially non organic can be poisonous to the body.

He also adds that smoking is one of the commonest known risk factors of cancer, so people should not start it, since it can be addictive and difficult to stop, yet leads to many cancers that include, Lung cancer, cancer of the Esophagus among others.

According to the Executive Director Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) Dr Jackson Orem, 5000 new cases of different cancers are recorded every year and 60,000 inpatient sessions.

Dr Orem reveals that of the 60,000 plus in-patiens ssesions , there are 180 sessions everyday with radiotherapy treatment at (UCI).

He adds that last year alone, there were 86400 patients on chemotherapy infusions.

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