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Mobile Money Dealers threaten To Abandon Jobs Over 1% New Tax

By Damba Rogers


Mobile money operators under their umbrella organization, Kampala mobile money dealers association are threatening to abandon their businesses if govt insist on staying the newly introduced 1% tax on each transaction.

According to the leaders of the mobile money operators’ Mr Mathius Lukyamuzi ,the chairman and Katumba Tom, a committee member the plan in waiting, will come into play in case Parliament fails to respect and listen to their plea of scrapping the 1% tax saying they currently pay many taxes which they want to explain to the leaders and planners of this nation.

The dealers therefore, call upon government to expedite the process of removing the 1% transaction value tax on mobile money so as to keep them in business as well as have the national tax base widen instead of creating unemployment that is clear seen as most mobile money owner are likely to close shop.

The business currently employing over two million people seeks to engage with different duty bearers, for instance, legislators and if need be meet the president of Uganda to have dialogue on how this tax can be removed and replaced with other alternatives with less pain on both the ordinary citizens and the mobile money agents.

They therefore call upon govt to reverse the decision and have the tax scrapped for them to keep in business.


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