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Women Activits Vow to Stage 1 Million Match Tomorrow


By Damba Rogers.

women activists under their umbrella, women protest working group have vowed not to give in to police orders to stop their planned one million match slated for tomorrow on the streets of Kampala.

The women protest working group leader, Prof. Stella Nyanzi expressed disappointment over police poor implementation of the public order management law despite receiving official communication from the internal affairs minister, Gen. JJ.Odong demanding that both parties hold meetings to iron out the issues as per the laid programme.

Ruth Muganzi and Lydia Namubiru plus Andrew Karamagi their lawyer question why the state has failed to come up with concrete answers to the continued women and children kidnaps and murders yet huge budget of the country is allocated to the security sector. They further state that the continued neglect of women issues by the state need to be handled by civilians and this is what they are going to do tomorrow.

Sanyu Rahara Bate, one of the leaders of the Uganda commercial sex workers’ association warns that they are to demonstrate in bras as a symbol that sex workers are also part of the community and need to be protected.

Since 2015, over 42 women have been found dead and their bodies dumped in and around Kampala. The victims appear to have been subjected to deeply misogynistic violence including rape, sticks wedged into their genitalia and others kidnapped in different parts of the country with les being done to rescue the situation by the government hence the need for the one million demonstration.

They now demand that more females be recruited in the forces as well as setting up a fully fledged women and children department in the police force.

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