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Kadaga pledges support to district female speakers

Kadaga pledges support to district female speakers

By Parliamnt Press.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has pledged to support and uplift the position of district female speakers in a bid to boost their competencies.

Meeting speakers from over 16 districts at Parliament on Tuesday, 26 June 2018,Kadaga expressed dissatisfaction with the poor remuneration and opportunities of growth available for them.

“I am surprised that the issue of transport for speakers has never been effected because I met the President and we agreed on its implementation, ” Kadaga said.

The Speaker was also dismayed that the directive by Hon Adolf Mwesige, the then Minister of Local Government to pay district speakers, shs600,000 as sitting allowance had been revoked by the current minister Hon Tom Butime.

“Your remuneration is meagre; we have several times tried to raise it but they keep cutting it. I am going to study the directives by both Adolf Mwesige and Tom Butime and forge a way ward, ” she said.

Led by the Amuria district speaker Akol Ketty, the female speakers asked Kadaga for training opportunities in legislation saying, “as district speakers, we are expected to be well acquainted with current affairs, rules of procedures and rule of law, but ever since we assumed office, no training has been offered to us; we use common sense which is unreliable”.

Kadaga in turn pledged to root for training opportunities at the Institute of Parliamentary Studies in July and August. She further committed to mobilize donor agencies like UNDP and UN Women to support female speakers participate in national and intentional meetings of women leaders.

“There are conferences such as the annual UN Commission on the status of Women in New York and CommonWealth meetings which you can attend and learn,” said Kadaga.

She also pledged to engage the Operation Wealth Creation for economic empowerment programs tailored for female leaders.


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