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Servicing of the Cobalt -60 Radiotherapy Machine is Complete

By Acaye Henry.

Servicing of the Cobalt -60 Radiotherapy Machine is Complete
The first servicing of the routine service of the Coblt-60 radiotherapy machine is complete according to the statement from the executive Director of Uganda Cancer institute (UCI) Dr Jackson Orem.
He said that the service was successfully done over the weekend between 9th -10th of June, and services have resumed fully.
Dr Jackson said that designated technician from Czech Republic Mr Bednar Andreg has been responsible for service and Ugandan technicians.
He said that the full normal full services operation of radiotherapy machine has resumed, but noted that the servicing of the machine has not interrupted the treatment of services since it has been done over the weekend.
The institute calls upon the general public to seek services as well as other cancer treatment and seek the right information from the institute.
The second routine is scheduled for October 2018.

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