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Health ,School facilities Cut off By Floods

Health ,School facilities Cut off By Floods


The road stressing from Pajure-Wipolo connecting to Lamwo is in a sorry state and inaccessible cutting off Wipolo health center (ii) and Wipolo primary school as  vehicles cannot  move to these areas leading to suffering of thousands of residents and pupils.

 According to the LC5 chairman PaderOringa Largo Godfrey, the bad road is a central govt road, used by many people from the area and outside the area moving to the S.sudan border ,Stressing that the current road equipment provided to the district can not move freely due to the heavy rains which have damaged the road.

The chairman also says, the status of the road has also hampered bus services in the area, confirming that they are nolonger moving to these areas and now people have resorted to using boda boda to connect to Acholi bu and From Pader to Lira even boda bodas can not move making it hard to move.


Formerly, the cost of a boda boda was UGX.6000 from Pajure to Acholi Bu and now UGX.8000 and the bus is UGX.30,000 from Pader to Lira for those that can persist to move on the bad roads.


The stretch of the road in a sorry state is over 70KM with estimates of over UGX.400M needed to grade and repair the it.


The director network, planning and engineering at UNRA, Eng Isaac Wani confirms that the authority has now come up with a programme of frame work contracts which empower UNRA station offices to hire contractors to mobiles and fix affected roads as an emergency remedy to the roads being spoilt due to heavy rains across the country.



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