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Ministry of Health Set to Roll Out Oral Cholera Vaccine

In an effort to  eliminate Cholera in Uganda, Ministry of Health is set to roll out the Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) in Cholera prone districts.
According to press release to the media ,the Ministry  health announce that the districts cholera hotpots that are set to benefit from the process include ,Hoima, Buliisa, Pakwach, Nebbi, Kasese, Ntoroko, Zombo, Moyo, Busia, Namayingo and Arua.
According the  vaccination will be done in a phased manner as follows,Phase I: Hoima District in May 2018,
Phase I: Hoima District in May 2018,Phase II: Buliisa, Pakwach and Nebbi in July 2018,Phase III: Kasese, Ntoroko, Zombo, Moyo, Busia, Namayingo and Arua in October 2018,Phase II: Buliisa, Pakwach and Nebbi in July 2018,

The Ministry says the  vaccine is  supported by   the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and GAVI, a total of 360,000 ,doses of OCV have been procured to vaccinate residents in the 5 sub-counties of Kyangwali, Kabwoya, Buseruka, Bugambe and Kahoora division as well as the refugee population in Kyangwali refugee settlement in Hoima district.
Oral Cholera Vaccine is administered orally for persons above one year to protect them against
Cholera, a severe, potentially epidemic, life-threatening diarrheal disease. The vaccine is
administered in two doses which are given two weeks apart and offers individuals protection of up
to 5 years.
OCV will be used as part of the Ministry of Health’s Integrated Cholera prevention and control
strategy (including safe water, improved sanitation, and high-quality case management) and is in
line with the on-going Cholera elimination activities. The vaccine reduces the risk of an individual
getting sick with or dying of Cholera.

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