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Panty Condom Study Soon Starting


By Damba Rogers

In a bid to have more female options when it comes to protection during sexual intercourse, a new study is soon starting geared at paving way for the usage of female panty condoms in Uganda as Dr.Moses Muwonge the director, samasha confirms.


According to Dr. Muwonge, the available female condom on market was not fully appreciated by Ugandan women making it difficult to be used and thus receiving massive neglect which then forced govt to reduce on its importation from the previous 1.1 million of2000 annually.


The study planned to start in the next two months is likely to go on for six month with hope that the product will be approved for use in Uganda by national drug authority and the health ministry.

With Uganda having the highest fertility rate standing at 1.4births per woman, teenage pregnancies at 19% in urban and 27% in rural areas followed by 2% of married women using condoms, 14% un married and are sexually active use condoms.

The unmet need of family planning in Uganda stands at26% against a total demand of condom only at 67%.


Dr. Muwonge notes that with such new innovation like the pant condom will see a reduction in un wanted pregnancies, transmission of STDs as women will now be in full control of their lives during sexual moments with their partners.

But the Condom Coordination Officer in the health ministry,Vastha Kibirige. a.k.a MaamaCondom, says most men who don’t want to use condoms always raise waterless reason to their female lovers, but with the coming of this panty condom then women are now having more power over the issues of protection.

Meanwhile, the women we managed to talk to over the new panty condom waiting to be introduced on Ugandan market happily welcomed the product saying, it should have been introduced yesterday.


The panty condom that will be going for the same price like male condoms is wore by women before, during and after sex and is portable.


Uganda today joins the globe to mark the world condoms day.






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