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Govt Neglects Citizens Priorities.Ugandans

GOVT NEGLECTS CITIZNES PRIORITIES. UGANDANS                                           1ST/FEB/18.

Ugandans are strongly faulting and now reminding govt to always align budget priorities with the best wishes of the citizens if the country is to register faster progress.

In a report released today byCSBAG and Track Fm (a data tracking organization that works with FM radio stations) indicates that much as there are slight variances regarding the key priorities from different regions, the overall results point to the need for improving financing, particularly towards healthcare, education and agriculture.

According to the results, 28.8%ugandans want increased investment in healthcare compared to the 12.07%planned by govt for the FY 2018/19, 26.4% calling for increased investment in education compared to the planned 17.94% for the comingFY 2018/19 with 15.5%Ugandan interested in investments in roads and energy compared to 53.67%planned for the FY 2018/19 and16.9% investment in agriculture.

Speaking at the release of the data, CSBAG national coordinator, Julius Mukundacalls for the need by govt to re-assess its expenditure priorities and ensure that they directly serve the interests of the citizens in a bid to improve the quality of life as well as lift millions out of poverty.

However, the director Track FM,Walter Dijkstra confirms that the nationwide results collected from over 5175 respondents in115 districts are a reflection on poor investment by the Ugandan govt which has then maintained growth in poverty levels among ugandans.


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